Feature Writing

Here are a few of my favorite things that I've written for the lifestyle/features space. If you'd like to read more, please check out my Contently



Don't text — send a voice memo (The Washington Post)

A semi-personal essay about what we lose when we pursue courtship via text message.

In young-adult novels, queer love stories have begun to feel mainstream (The Washington Post)

A discussion with young adult novelists as LGBTQ literature matures beyond stories of coming out — leaving room for complex romance and fantasy to grow. 

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Insta-Erotica (The Washington Post)

Erotic illustrators and artists on Instagram are thriving — yet live in constant fear of becoming extinct. 


Alexis Wilkinson: Harvard's President of punchlines (Boston.com)

A profile of the Harvard Lampoon's first black female president as she approached the final months of her senior year. 


When dates go wrong: Bartenders as guardian angels (Cherry Bombe)

For Cherry Bombe's first ever digital issue, I interviewed the bar staff, owners, and educators who plan to step up in the face of sexual violence at bars and clubs. Even when you don't know it, they're the ones looking out for you. Be sure to tip your bartender. (Illustration by Anna O'Connell)


Amy Schumer isn't a trainwreck — but she plays one in the movies (Boston.com)

Analyzing the summer of Schumer with Amy Schumer, Judd Apatow, and the cast of "Trainwreck." 


How do couples live in tiny homes without killing each other? (The Washington Post)

We were wondering the same thing.


Will people start becoming single again in their mid-30s? Don’t count on it.  (The Washington Post)

A case study of a single people urban myth.